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We're an awesome company that creates virtual things for portable devices. We specialize in bringing your web sites up to today's standards and making them "mobile friendly."

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Web Design

Web Design Experience

Develop customer-facing web sites with dynamic database interaction. Build mobile-friendly "responsive" web sites current with the latest standards.

Marketing and PR

Marketing and Public Relations

Create public relations, advertising, and social media promotion campaigns. Our strategies have resulted in award winning comprehensive marketing results.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

We never stop learning. We devote time to learning new advancements in web delivery and design.

Bay Area Web Design


Proven Consultant and Author helping companies translate their business goals to reality. We enjoy the challenge of building something from nothing. We also like to solve problems and that's our focus - web design and content management solutions.

Social Media

Social Media is imperative in content management and is how companies attract new customers. Managing your social media can be time-consuming and we can help design systems that make it easier and reduce the time it takes.

Social Links

We write product reviews too. Product reviews and blogs will get your qualified prospects into your sales funnel.

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Our success depends on your success

Makes sense doesn't it? If we expect you to work with us, we've got to produce the results you want. It's that simple.
Our philosophy is based on improving quality and customer loyalty.

Bay Area Web Design
Don Filer

About Us

We enjoy the challenge of creating something from nothing. We also like to solve problems and that's our focus -content management solutions and web design.

P o r t f o l i o

Content Management

We write product reviews too. Let's talk about how to manage your digital assets in a way that makes your business more productive,saving you time and money.



San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA - Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration
California State University, Chico , CA
Postgraduate Coursework: Programming and Algorithms II, Algorithms and Data Structures in C++



Marketing and Sales

Computer Aided Management, Petaluma, CA 1988 – 1989 Director of Marketing
Increased distribution and sales of ViewPoint, a PC project management product. Created a comprehensive strategic marketing program that resulted in winning PC Magazine Editor's Choice - twice.
Independent Business Systems Livermore, CA 1986 – 1988 Vice President Sales and Marketing
Developed pricing policies and discount structures to support a two-tiered distribution strategy. Supervised the procurement of computer components and subassemblies for manufacturing sophisticated multi-user computers.


Professional Experience

Agilent Technologies (HP), Santa Rosa, CA 1995 – 2003 Content Management IT Specialist
As the business lead on a global productivity team, developed, integrated, supported and maintained a Stellent content management system. Hard coded HTML, IDOC and JavaScript to customize both functionality and user interface. Created and managed product generation excellence web site. Produced monthly performance metrics and analysis.
Impact Marketing, Santa Rosa, CA 1989 - 1995 - Consultant
Developed collateral materials and technical documentation for numerous clients including Food-4-Less, May Financial, and La Tortilla Factory. Created PR campaigns and trade show facilities. Introduced new products and new product categories on a national level.