Don Filer

Donald Filer

Experienced Full Stack Web Developer

Welcome to my portfolio

Proven Consultant, Author | Helping Companies Translate Their Business Goals to Reality.

My Skills

Responsive web sites designed with dynamic database interaction.Product Reviews, Marketing materials, and technical documentation.






My Resume

Management professional in the high technology industry with unique creative and technical skills.

Where have I worked?

Successfully managed sales, marketing, and customer support profit centers continually increasing revenue and results.

Impact Marketing

Consultant, Author, Project Manager Providing web design and content management solutions focusing on responsive web design.

Position: Consultant

Location: Santa Rosa, CA

HP / Agilent Technologies

Contributed key elements to Agilent's product development and lifecycle management effort as the business lead on a global productivity team.

Position: IT Specialist

Location: Santa Rosa, CA

Computer Aided Mgt.

Marketing strategist that won PC Magazine Editor's Choice award - twice for ViewPoint, a PC project management software product.

Position: Marketing Director

Location: Petaluma, CA

My Portfolio

We also like to solve problems and that's our focus - web design and content management solutions.

What have I built?

Develop customer-facing web sites with dynamic database interaction. Build mobile-friendly "responsive" web sites current with the latest standards.


If you have a business need or a marketing problem that you want to discuss, I hope your will send me a message so that we can connect.

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If you need help and you're in a hurry, you can call me at (707) 217-8457 at your convenience.