Random Notes

  1. I use FSX Acceleration which includes service pack 2
  2. FSWC Flight Simulator Water Configurator is a free utility from Striking Software that lets me tweak the water textures.
  3. REX2 is another utility that takes care of many texture setting and has the best clouds I’ve ever seen in Flight Simulator.

In its native form out of the box, Flight Simulator’s environment is quite pleasing, remarkable in its realism. Most of the eye candy you see of Flight Simulator, however, has been embellished by third party add-ons making this “game” unique in many ways. The impact of this feature is that you may find yourself spending money on upgrades to perfect the visual effects of the simulator. As Captain Mike Ray says, Microsoft Flight Simulator makes flying a fairly real simulator a reality for the average Joe at a fraction of the cost of flying a real one.

Most of my flights are short ILS flights in the San Francisco Bay Area or the New York area and are typically only 50 miles in distance. I live down the street from the Sonoma County Airport in Santa Rosa California and I welcome all correspondence. You can email me at dfiler@rocketmail.com.

  • I would especially like to thank the following:
  • Nels Anderson at Flightsim.com
  • Orion Lyau and Adam Johnson at VFR Reviews
  • Andrew Medeley at Sim-Reviews.UK
  • Steven Frost at Frosty Software
  • All the folks at Striking Software and countless others who have helped me over the years to keep my hobby going and publishing or editing my published works.
  • Thanks Mates

I have been a fan of Flight Simulator since I bought my first personal computer in 1981. I have seen the product develop over the years taking advantage or pushing the limits of the PC’s memory and operating system. I recommend Flight Simulator to anyone who is interested in learning how to fly or to learn about geography. You will learn more about math, directions and map reading without knowing you’re doing it. I want to thank the folks who produced this product for without it I would be missing the one thing that takes up the majority of my free time. It’s not a waste of time because it is very therapeutic for me and provides a way to cope with my depression and failing vision. Thanks and thanks for reading this and visiting my site.



I use FRAPs for screenshots and video capture to make the videos you see on YouTube. I typically use a free utility to record the flights, then play them back and record with FRAPs. I have the resolution settings as high as I can make them and the size of the screen captures is as high as I can get it.

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